Why Gulf South?

From the extreme extraction of fossil fuels to the pollution and severe weather that follows…

The Gulf South is on the frontline of climate change in the United States and has been a sacrifice zone for generations. While extreme extraction may provide national benefit, immense local pollution has led to irreparable harm within our communities and exceptional climate-related risks.

Today, frontline communities in the Gulf South include:

Residents of coastal areas
Neighborhoods near fossil-fuel refining and toxic pollution
Marginalized communities that continually have opportunity, democracy, and natural resources extracted

The extreme extraction of limited resources and associated pollution, the lack of corporate accountability, and the subsequent lack of government responsibility have damaged the land, people, and democratic systems of the Gulf South.

Gulf South Rising

Acknowledges that the global climate crisis is rooted in economic theories that promote mass consumption of limited resources, laws that maintain inequity, and social hierarchies and governance processes that limit civic participation.